Established Since 1978.

Eldon Bottcher Architects commenced operation in 1978 as a commercially based general practice, with work encompassing all sections of property development, from small scale residential to multi residential and commercial interior Architecture. 

We strive to maintain an acute awareness of end user requirements and appropriateness of style, which is demonstrated in the small selection of our work, which we have chosen to display in our photo portfolio. 

We have developed successful and long standing relationships with our clients, providing them with maximum fiscal and design benefits. 

A hard nosed approach to the financial and planning needs of our projects allows for a maximum return to our developer clientele, and maximum intrinsic benefits for our domestic clientele.

With each commission we deliver a unique solution and strive to achieve the finest results possible through close liason with clients—responding decisively to their needs, as well as those of the market place. 

As a company we are a widely acknowledged practice, with a number of professional and industry awards to our name. Commissioned projects have included most stated and territories, from Perth to Norfolk Island, Northern Territory to Victoria. 

We aim to provide more than just the essential elements of an Architect’s service. An awareness of encompassing and economic conditions , local authority constraints and attitude, coupled with extensive in house designed financial modelling allows the office to explore every design possibility to achieve the most financially viable alternative in an aesthetic building fabric.