Hazard Assessment

The primary role in bushfire design is hazard assessment. Eldon Bottcher Architect uses extensive modelling tools, including aerial photographs, survey instruments and council data, as well as site inspection to ensure that the assessment results are as accurate as possible.

At one stage, Eldon Bottcher Architect was engaged to do an audit by a major home builder on work being performed on their behalf by a company unqualified in Bushfire work.

The audit, over 20 properties, found that the assessments were incorrect in 50% of the cases.

This was resulting in some homes being built to construction levels higher than necessary, whilst others were being built to a lower standard.

In the first case, the owners were paying more than they should for their homes, whilst in the second case, the owners were being left unprotected by homes that they understood were being built to comply with all necessary requirements.


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